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Verdict reached in medical malpractice case

When medical professionals commit negligence when it comes to the testing of patients, it can result in patients suffering great harm. For example, testing-related negligence can result in delays occurring in a patient receiving a correct diagnosis. Such delays can be very impactful on a patient.

A jury recently reached a decision in a case that involved allegations of testing-related negligence. The case was from Alabama. The case involved a man who received medical care in spring 2005.

The man alleged that, during this medical care, medical tests that should have been performed were not. According to the man, this alleged medical negligence led to him developing a permanent spinal cord injury, becoming partially paralyzed and losing the ability to work.

The man brought a medical malpractice lawsuit in a court in Alabama in connection to these allegations. The lawsuit named a doctor and a medical group as defendants.

A jury trial was held in this case and the jury recently reached its verdict. According to the Daily Mountain Eagle article which reported this story, the jury ruled in favor of the man and awarded him a large monetary judgment.

As this case illustrates, one thing victims of medical negligence sometimes do to seek relief for the harms they suffered is to bring medical malpractice claims against the medical professionals who committed the negligence. Medical negligence can be extremely harmful to patients. Medical professionals should be held accountable for the harms they cause when they act negligently in regards to the care of patients.

Source: The Daily Mountain Eagle, "Jury returns $3.5 million verdict in malpractice case in city," Rachel Davis, March 24, 2013

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